5 questions & appsumo sucks!

I had the below mentioned questions that I asked in Appsumo but the appsumo team is ridiculously slow and the question has not even been approved yet (48+ hours now!)… so I thought better buy this and directly give it a run as well as test YOUR responsiveness! :smiley:

So here are my questions:

1. How do I run the entire app in webview?

2. Do or will you support deeplinks? This is very important as it creates a major follow-up benefit. I can email my list and tell them to “check out this video”, which either opens the app and takes to that video OR goes to store > install app > open > takes to video (deferred deep link). This could really set you apart from other app builders.

3. Do you support any third party attribution analytics (appsflyer/branch/adjust)? This helps while running app install campaigns on FB/Google.

4. Can we force the app to run only in portrait mode?

5. Can we play embedded videos in full screen? This is a biggie for me as appmysite, apppressor and others CANNOT which is a big disappointment. An app user has to pinch and zoom the video to ‘expand’ it, looks horrible!

Thanks in advance and hope we have a great run!

Still waiting for a reply on this…

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience due to the delayed response

1- use this tutorial to help you https://youtu.be/Gk_BdUYV-qM

2- yes, we will support deep links so soon

3&4- currently we don’t support third-party attribution analytics and portrait mode but you can request these features through our road-map https://stacks.productlift.dev/

5- actually we haven’t noticed, thanks for telling us
we’re working on it

One more thing, I use Cloudflare for my DNS, and I had to create a rule for appmysite’s IP address (for webview). Do you have such a requirement? If yes, then kindly share your IP address.

no need for that, it should work automatically

Just wanted to know anything on the fullscreen video? It’s been two months, haven’t head back from you guys.


your request is my top priority, just give us a couple of days, and I will update you as soon as possible

Thank you for your patience.

I am the Chief Tech Officer of my company, so let me also contribute if it helps. You can check out this stackoverflow answer which shows how to enable fullscreen video for webviews:

If you want to discuss this further, let me know, my team might be able to help as well (since I am anyway your customer, wouldn’t mind helping out).

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that.

the point is we’re updating all the platform to the latest version and your request is a part of this update that’s why it takes so long
but the good news is we’re releasing it in a couple of days and I will update you then

again I’m so blessed that you offered a help


the full-screen video is now released in the native application
please check it out

Hey Rowan,
It won’t work in the webview? Coz my videos are part of a blog post, so can’t create 1000s of native pages for them, right?

Let me know (check the link I sent, you can actually work around the webview and allow full screen videos, your developer will know more.)

Waiting for a reply here, Rowan…

Will check that out and get back soon