5 questions & appsumo sucks!

I had the below mentioned questions that I asked in Appsumo but the appsumo team is ridiculously slow and the question has not even been approved yet (48+ hours now!)… so I thought better buy this and directly give it a run as well as test YOUR responsiveness! :smiley:

So here are my questions:

1. How do I run the entire app in webview?

2. Do or will you support deeplinks? This is very important as it creates a major follow-up benefit. I can email my list and tell them to “check out this video”, which either opens the app and takes to that video OR goes to store > install app > open > takes to video (deferred deep link). This could really set you apart from other app builders.

3. Do you support any third party attribution analytics (appsflyer/branch/adjust)? This helps while running app install campaigns on FB/Google.

4. Can we force the app to run only in portrait mode?

5. Can we play embedded videos in full screen? This is a biggie for me as appmysite, apppressor and others CANNOT which is a big disappointment. An app user has to pinch and zoom the video to ‘expand’ it, looks horrible!

Thanks in advance and hope we have a great run!

Still waiting for a reply on this…

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience due to the delayed response

1- use this tutorial to help you https://youtu.be/Gk_BdUYV-qM

2- yes, we will support deep links so soon

3&4- currently we don’t support third-party attribution analytics and portrait mode but you can request these features through our road-map https://stacks.productlift.dev/

5- actually we haven’t noticed, thanks for telling us
we’re working on it

One more thing, I use Cloudflare for my DNS, and I had to create a rule for appmysite’s IP address (for webview). Do you have such a requirement? If yes, then kindly share your IP address.

no need for that, it should work automatically