App Builder Not Secure

I’m using the app builder for the first time. The link from the “My Account” page takes me to Stacks - WooCommerce Drag and Drop Mobile App Builder which I can’t access because it’s not secure.

Also the download your plugin link from the subscriptions page drops on an error 404 page.

So far, we’re not off to a good start.

Hi @chelle

So sorry for the inconvenience that happened, I will check that out and get back to you very soon, just allow me 2 hours

Warm Regards

Hi @chelle

I’m so sorry for what happened, the system is back online again

Details of what happened:

  • The SSL Certificate of the builder failed to renew automatically that’s why an error happened in the user creation stage.

Currently, I’m reactivating your account manually from my side and will get back to you once this is done and a project is created for you

A Detailed email will be sent to everyone on our subscribers’ list today and we will make sure this will not happen again

Hi @chelle

Everything is ready now and the project is created successfully, please go to the builder and start building your project

Let me know if you have any issues
Have a nice day