App Home Page Design

Hello Bassam,

I want to design my app similar to the one in the picture.

Hello @msubero

Thanks for the clarification, i believe that the main difference is in the Search Bar, am i correct ?

So if we did a feature of an expanded search bar by default that will be do the design that you want

After your confirmation we will start working on that feature

Correct. This is what we want. Please work on it

I am also having problems designing the category grid like this one. Instead of being vertical I want it to be horizontal, more of a rectangular instead of a square. Please let me know how we can do this

In the Categories Block, Click Edit then from the Style Tab choose the Categories Style to be Grid

I understand this but the square of each category is to big. Maybe there is a way to put each individual category more rectangular so you can see 8-10 categories in a single page instead of 4-6 as the photo you just sent.

We will make a new possibility for Smaller categories and get back to you, it might take couple of days for the team to work on it after they finish the queue

Its ok, please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks again

Hello @msubero
I’m Thomas from the design team at Stacks,

We received your request for helping you in designing the header and here you go

hope you like it

Hello Thomas,

I am not sure how to upload this into the builder, this doesn’t look like the header. Can you please upload it for me?

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Hi @msubero
hope You like the header design, I have done it for u :grinning: my pleasure.

Thanks! But can you pleas upload without the white lines in between. Just all green please? Would appreciate.


done, please check the project

Hi @msubero,

The Feature of Search opened by default is done,

Hope you like it

Excellent. Can you please apply it in our project? Please let me know.


The steps are easy:

Just edit the Header, go to Style then Select Search Expanded → Yes

That’s it

Let me know if you can’t find that option