App Slider Size

Hello Bassam,

I want to design the slider for it to be a little smaller. Similar to the one in Orchata app, maybe something similar to the size of a Section. Please let me know.


Also I want to know the exact size of the photo for it to fit perfectly in the slider


I’ve tried something out to reduce the size of the slider size and here is how:

I added an image with this size: 960x278 px (reduced the height)

And tried different margins

until I achieved this

let me know if this helps

the original size of the slider is 960x530 px

Hi Mostafa,

I am trying to change the margins in the builder and it doesn’t seem to work. Please check this out and let me know.


Will assign this on our support team to check out your project and get back to you here as soon as I have updates


Bug Fixed and margins now reflect in the slider, please test the negative values of the margins to achieve the needed result

Best Regards