App suggestion features and questions

Hi !

Great app for a start !!!
I would have some recommandation because I feel kind of trapped in the template maybe.

For example for the size of the header it would be great to have it larger.
Would be great to have a menu at the bottom of the screen. Would be amazing. I’m looking an app as the Farfetch one for example.

Also would be great to integrate some woocommerce app as woocommerce booking ? Maybe already the case ?

For the carousel part I don’t know if we can change it ? Maybe the sale flag out ? I don’t get it how ahah

Many thanks, because it’s pretty good !


Thank you for your great feedback, we are glad that you like our builder!

Regarding the header you can increase the height of the header by adding an image as a header background with the height you want (for the image resolution,we recommend using an image with 72px per inch)

We will add the menu feature to our roadmap, it’s highly requested.

Can you please send me a link for the application “Farfetch”, I will check it out and send it to the team.

We are planning to add the booking feature in the future and you can check more about what’s coming from here:

Also we are planning to add multiple designs for the categories & products, we will consider the sales flags as well!