Appsumo not allowing double code stacking

It’s only allowing the first code and there is no way to stack it. please help

Thanks for purchasing from Stacks,

Regarding how to stack, follow this tutorial and add them here as shown in the video, Apply all your coupons and click subscribe, That’s it and your projects will be assigned correctly

Let us know if you faced any issue
Thank you


Can you please make sure you followed all the steps in the tutorial? here is a link to the tutorial

If it is not working, please send us the coupon that is not working correctly by mail at to validate from our system and from Appsumo that the coupon you have is correct.

keep me informed

This was unhelpful coming after a fail on exactly following the AppSumo redemption instructions. It doesn’t work if you have already followed the AppSumo instructions.

I have sent an email to Stacks support who can hopefully correct the multiple code stack issue.

I’m so sorry that you have been through this
we have contacted appsumo to fix this as soon as possible

and regarding your issue, it has been fixed as we responded to your email