Can't switch or delete projects

It seems I can not switch or delete projects. Is there an overview or dashboard of all the projects we created where we can delete them? All I see is this:

So I can’t switch projects or anything.


Hi @robert-jan

We recently added a new feature to write if the project is premium or from a Trial Account.

for old projects it doesn’t reflect correctly yet, but both the top projects 1400 and 1409 are Trial Accounts which have expired, and you only have 1 Premium Project which is 1410

I will work on a fix for that and will get back to you

Best Regards

Hi @bassam.tarek,

Thanks for the reply.

I’m still looking for an answer to the overview of my projects. I should have 10 apps for lifetime. Where can I find the information to switch through projects, delete projects, … ?


To add a new project just click on the Plus button “+” beside the project number, this will open a new project.

Technically there is no need to delete a project, You can change the Connection with the website and you will be using a new project

In the next release, there will be more features for each specific project so maybe then a “delete” project or “reset” project will be needed

Let me know your thoughts regarding this

Hi @bassam.tarek ,

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work. Every time I press the + and add a new project, it will always be ‘Project 1410’. So the list is still just the two greyed out projects and ‘Project 1410’.

Also, where can I change the project names?

Let me check that and get back to you shortly