Categories Grid

I would like to select the specific categories to put in the front page. Not just the limit.

Hi @msubero

Do you mean this option in the Categories block ?

Stacks - WooCommerce Drag and Drop Mobile App Builder 2021-09-22 18-13-05

No Bassam. I know what you mean but what I mean is different.

Can you please explain more so that i can help ?

In the categories grid I want the category Wholesale and Snacks to appear but I don’t want the category Vegano, Salsas, Salud to appear in the front grid for example. I just want certain Categories to appear in the grid. With the limit it does not work because it does not let me select which specific category I want to show


Aha now i got what you mean

Let me develop a small enhancement and publish it to you

Will let you know once done

Hi @msubero

Issue fixed and released, you can now choose selected categories to be shown :star_struck: :star_struck:

Please see this video to see how it works:

Please test and let me know if you have any questions
Thank you

Excellent, I already see it works. Please see my other inquiry.


Sounds Great, Checking them