Difference between Stacks and Appmysite

What is the difference between Stacks and Appmysite.com??


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We have customers that used to work with appmysite and switched to our builder for those 3 core reasons;

  1. They can’t communicate with appmysite, they weren’t able to request features or meet from one of the team to help them with the designing or creation process

  2. The design on appmysite is not flexible enough, it’s an on & off section with settings to customize the section itself.

But with Stacks you can add unlimited sections & blocks, and create any design you desire with a drag & Drop builder

  1. Integration with WordPress or WooCommerce is way too complicated on appmysite, while it’s way easier with Stacks, just add our plugin to your website, and all the products, categories, posts will be auto-synced to the application.

And we are working on something major that will be released by the end of the year, that you can edit all the application pages, not just the home page.
We have posted a basic wireframe of the feature here:

One more thing, you can test our builder for free with all the features unlocked, and release an app and test on your own phone

and we are here to help you with every step if you need anything!