How can I create an embed site?

I am trying to create my app which is integrated with
and I was told that It needs to be in a webview:

My question is:

  1. How do I create the main window after Onboard?
  2. How do I create main window after Splash/Onboarding? I want this main window to only have two buttons that will be integrated with my website… How do i do it??
  3. How do I change the login&signup? as the login and signup is already done via
  4. How do I create a menu bar fixed? I have seen there is botton navigation, but can I create a button “Schedule now” which directs to Schedule Order – DRY CLEANING IN WESTON TO YOUR DOOR | Cypress Dry Cleaners

Add a button Block and choose External URL and add the URL that you want to it

This view is called the Home View and this is the main view that you see in the builder, just delete everything and add the 2 buttons that you want

currently there is no way to do this, if you want you may need the whole application be a webview for your website, in this situation the native login of the app will not be there

Buttons are not fixed position for now, but we are going to implement this feature very soon

  1. I understand that the login will be done through web view of the site

  2. Can one of the bottom navigation menus be a link to a url?

Yes, I will make sure to handle this case in the next release