How do I get to the builder dashboard?

Hi Everyone

Feeling very frustrated.

I am stuck in (Tour Mode). It seems that unless I create a new project I cannot get to the builder dashboard. I am stuck in tour mode and without creating new project cannot get to the builder dashboard. As such I have five app projects that I do not want.

Can anyone assist with some advice on how to get to the builder dashboard without getting stuck in the tour mode area.


Hi @ibizmobilemarketing

Can you please continue the tour mode normally and iā€™m working on a feature of deleting projects that i will release today or tomorrow maximum

This way you will be able to have only the projects that you want to have

Will that solve your problem ?

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Thanks Bassam,

It will solve the problem of being able to delete projects, but not the issue that I cannot get out of the tour mode to return to the builder dashboard without creating a new project. Hope you understand the issue.

As far as i understand this will happen only once, I will fix it for future customers having the same behavior

Hi @ibizmobilemarketing

We have released an update and now you can login to the builder normally and you will not see the tour mode

Let me know if the issue persists

Hi @ibizmobilemarketing

Now we have released a new feature where you can deactivate a project and hide it from the list of created projects

Thank you

Every time I click on builder dashboard I get redirected to a login page and when I log in with the same credentials it says invalid email or password.

Hello @Ada ,

Can you please share your email address or Project ID that you are using ?