How to edit the menu, categories and products?

How to edit (1) menu, (2) categories and (3)products?
How to delete or rename an app?


  1. Menu items right now are not editable, it’s on our road-map

  2. If you mean how to select the categories you would like to show, from the Data tab, click on categories and check on the categories you would like to show

  3. For the products you will first need to change the source and if you choose “product categories” as your source, you will be able to select which category you would like to show the products of it

  4. By the end of the week, we will introduce projects dashboard so you can add or delete your projects from it, right now you can

But if you want to rename to app not the “project” you can do that from general settings

Let me know if you need any further assistance!
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Thank you, and Happy New Year!
Any timeline the editing of menu and category may be delivered?

Is the project dashboard active already?

Sorry that we weren’t able to launch these features sooner, we are working on something that would make a huge difference in the application.

Within a week you will be able to edit more than the home page, we are making some of the pages like the products/categories page editable and you can change the design of it using our drag & drop builder.

Once this huge feature is launched we will have a clear schedule on when other features will be released

I still can not edit the menu, categories and products to make a tailored app. How far are you to this?

I am giving up on this …there is no way I can have an app that spews a random menu that I can not edit. Same with relevant categories and products. If I dont get feedback on this, unfortunately will have to refund this.

Hi @thembap

Sorry for the inconvenience, We are working hard to enhance the system in many places on daily basis, For example : Project Dashboard is launched and editing multiple pages in the app is launched as well

Regarding the Products and Categories, What is the limitation that you see ? Currently you can select whatever product or category that you want in the Home View, Categories or Product Single View

Regarding the Menu: Give us couple of days and it will be ready

Thank you

Thank you for your continued response; this relates to products and categories that are not in the current list.

As for the menu, that is the main issue here for me. Perhaps its me unable to use it, but the app I generate has a “wild” menu it makes my app looks immature at best.

Editing menu is priority for me.

Hi @thembap

We added a new feature where you can add a menu in the footer as shown in the bottom of the below image

Does this solve your problem?

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Hi @thembap

Now you can enable or disable the icons that you don’t want to appear, If disabled you can depend mainly on the Footer Menu

I hope that helps

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