Is a Magazine app option available?

Hi, I have a digital magazine and I want to upload a pdf and sell the magazine as an app that subscribers can read. Is this a good fit with Stacks?

Are there any samples I can look at?

Hi Christopher,

Welcome to Stacks :slight_smile:

Currently Stacks is working with WooCommerce and handles selling Products etc…, Your PDFs can be added as Products and sold, then the Product “PDF” can be sent to their email for example

We don’t support subscriptions yet, so i’m not sure if that fits what you need.

One of the solutions available is to activate the Checkout Page as a “WebView” this will allow people to subscribe through your normal subscription page and the money collection will be handled normally through WooCommerce

Let me know if this works for you or if you have something in mind that you would like us to add in our roadmap