Its a way to linking website without plugin

Hello, I was arrive here looking to make an app for my directory website.

Its there other way to connect the website than not be using the plugin, like adding code to my website or using zapier? My web it´s not build on wordpress, so dont have the posibility of just add a pluging.

I just want to make and app to showcase the website and navigate it on an optimized way, mainly for the branding than means have your own app.

Kind rewards.


Thanks for messaging us!

Currently, our plugin is integrated with WordPress & WooCommerce to auto-sync the products, posts, categories from the website.

If you’re not using WordPress, you can only use the App as webview and you can activate this feature from the content settings of the application.

Let me know if you need any further information
Have a great day

Hello Mustafa,

Thanks for the reply, I think webview it´s enought for now has I´m just starting the project, woudl try it, and come back asking for more help if need or with feedback.


Happy to help!


Everything worked well, till yesterday it was showing my page webview.

I have the app on review to be on Google play store, today I tried to enter and it’s showing the toyshop template wicht I never touch. It’s more I wasn’t log in since I was mount the app.

So I fear got reject because this. It was working perfectly till today than it’s like crossed with some other account and values changed.

Any idea to fix this?

Kind regards


sorry for the inconvenience, I have notified our technical team.

I will get back to you as soon as I have any updates

Thanks, if need any information more let my know.

Hi @Spondeo

What is your Project Id? you can find it at the middle top of the builder

Hi @Spondeo

I found the bug, the problem here is that your project is connected to the Demo Website database for saving information, one of those information is the webview link, So any other customer can override the demo data

We have 2 Solutions here:

1- You enter any WordPress website that you have or you can create anyone on your server to be used as a database only

2- We modify the application architecture to work independently on any database incase of the webview but this will take some hours to be done

In both cases you will make a new build and reupload to Google Play

Let me know what do you think

I was going to see than someone edited it right now showing shoes. The thing is my website it’s not on WordPress, it’s done on brilliant directories site.

So if I remake it directly would be fix for website or would be need too than you work for two hours? If can be redo I prefer save you the two hours of work has for now I think webview it’s enought for start.

I’m working on the second option now and will let you know once done, you will need to make a rebuild and reupload the application on google play to use the new feature

Ok thanks bassam.tarek

Issue Fixed, Please rebuild the app and test

If everything is fine then reupload to google play

Let me know how it goes

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I see now like a second project, I rebuilt on this second one and deleted the older than shows the demo content right?

It should be the same as your old project normally, what project id are you referring to? also make sure that it is premium and not a trial project

I see Project 1752 has premium but with the down.

And Project 1809 to has premium.

You have been editing 1752 and it is working properly, what do you mean by down ?

1809 project wasn´t be before, just to check before compile and upload again.

Just rebuild and uploaded it using 1752 would let you know the final result. Thanks for your work.