Popup when starting the app

Hello, I am obliged to insert a popup made in javascript before giving access to the app.

that is, potential customers must be able to click on the banner in order to access the app

it’s possible? thank you

Can you let us know more about the purpose of this feature? What JS code that you will add, is it sending an event?

Thank you Bassam.

you can see the popup on hlifeitalia.it


Do you mean the slider in the home page ?

Hi Bassam, do you have some news, pls?


The only possible way to do this is to add an image in the home view that redirects to a product or category

Currently there is no possible way to add intro screen, but we are working on that to be added in the future

Thank you Bassam. Yes, it is very important for the company with which I collaborate. Could you please update me as soon as you implement this feature as well?

Can you please delete from this thread your post that contain the image,please?

a thousand thanks

Image Removed successfully

Will add this to our roadmap