Push Notification emojis problem

While testing push notification and using emoji, the emoji screen does not rest correctly on the page. Emojis are cutoff and the emojis themselves within the emoji screen does not wrap so they appear to be cutoff. Also, once I am in the emoji screen, I cannot minimize it or get out of it without refreshing the page itself.


Thanks for reaching out.
I have checked and found that it works normally from my side



I went in to retry it but unfortunately, all the work I’ve done yesterday has been undone. All of my settings like android server key were reset. I put a lot of time on it yesterday as I was really wanting to complete an app. I get that appsumo apps are typically work-in-progress. However, it is counterproductive the way it keeps making me redo work. Sadly, I will refund for now. Thanks for your help and good luck to your team.

Are you sure you are working on the correct project: 3298 ?

all your settings are working properly