Some difficult app

Hi, I wanted to report that the search does not work well, in fact I searched for the “Formula 1” product but the system returned all the products.

Furthermore, the button at the top left is not visible in the “category” and “single” sections although I see it green in development.

Finally I would like to know how I can do to make the DIVI wordpress theme tags display correctly.

thank you.

Hi @dralfio

The Shortcodes issue is now fixed and it will not be rendered in the product description
The Header Back button will now take the color of the buttons

Regarding the Search: It is working everywhere else, I tracked your site and somehow it is removing the parameter “keyword” which we use to search for products with

I guess that there is a plugin that causes this issue, so I suggest to disable the plugins and try again, it should work

In order to see the fixes please re-build the app again

Have a nice day

Thank you Bassam.

I have re-build the app but unfortunately I have still the same problem about the shortcodes.

The search function is now not working completely, before it shows all products now nothing :frowning: .

I bought another code for another project but unfortunately i don’t see it on my account. some days ago i saw it. could you fix it, please?

hello, what about that? Thanks

Really sorry about the late reply, we have been working on new updates and fixes which took all our time

Will fix those tomorrow and get back to you

Thanks for understanding

Hello @dralfio ,

All Fixed, please recheck

I traced the responses of your server and i found that there is a var_dump in one of the api responses, this is a result of another plugin conflict i believe, So i totally recommend that you try to deactivate or the plugin to isolate our system from the plugins conflict

Let me know if you need any other help

Thank you

Yes please. which plugin are you referring to?

Now I see only that:

This is the same solution as this issue: Proeduct sync problem - #4 by bassam.tarek