Woocommerce + booking

Hello…I am going to develop a website for a barbershop that has 2 main plugins: woocommerce (sale of products) and appointment scheduling system…I want to know if the builder will allow me to include these 2 functions when generating the app (it is clear that woocommerce does, but I don’t know about the appointment scheduling system).

Hello @cfarias ,

If we added an option of a button that opens a web-page in a web-view, will that help your case ?

NB: if there a specific plugin that you want to integrate with let me know its name so that we can add it for future development in our Roadmap

Waiting for your reply


Q: If we add an option for a button that opens a web page in a web view, will that help your case?
A: Sure!..if the web view doesn’t affect the app approval in appstore I think it would be a good solution (I had an app with a lot of approval issues due to a webview

Q: NB: if there is a specific plugin you want to integrate with, let me know its name so we can add it for future development on our roadmap
A: Not yet…we are still reviewing with the client, but if a plugin is defined I will let you know so you can include it in the roadmap.

Thank you!

If the webview is through a button and not the whole app then i believe this won’t be an issue


Let me know if you need any other help